The Third Thing ARCs available!

Advance review copies (ARCs) of "The Third Thing" are now available (ebook, not print yet)! If you'd like to request one you can sign up here:

That's all for tonight 😊


*Note: I did finally find a cover designer! But this isn't that cover, it's still being made. This is just a temporary cover until the real one is done.*

Line editing: Done! Also slugs.

Book progress continues... very slowly. Sort of like a banana slug in winter. 

I am the banana slug in this scenario, I'm pretty sure.

Speaking of which, here is a picture of a non-banana slug in summer, in the pond (click to enlarge if you want, it's the orange thing). It's not dead, it's holding its breath (you can sort of see its breathing hole squeezed closed). 

As I watched, it crawled out of the water, opened its breathing hole again and stuck out its eye stalks, and went merrily along its way. I did not know before this that land slugs could survive in the water. 

Not only that, but a second slug followed its slime trail into the water as I watched (not sure if it was encouraged to think this was a good idea by the first slug, or if it thought it was on a rescue mission, but it exited after a shorter crawl and didn't seem phased either by entering the water and holding its breath).


In non-slug news, I did finish making line edits, with much help from and appreciation to my wonderful editor, Naomi!😊

My search for a cover designer/illustrator has been going on for... months. Fresh attempts submitted today though! If it's successful there may be some more interesting news in the near future about where the cover is going 😀

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