Intro Post: 10 weird facts


I probably should have started with this, since you might want to know something about who is running this blog.

Since I like making lists, here's 10 fun facts to get to know me.

  • All my cats currently happen to be named after book characters (this was unplanned).

  • One of my eyes is bicolored.

  • I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was six, and distributed photocopies to family members.

  • I have prosopagnosia, which means I can't recognize people based on their faces. I have to use other clues to figure out who they are (voice is a big one). If you run into me in the wild and I don't appear to recognize you, that's why, so just say hi! I remember who people are, I just have to figure out the person in front of me is that person from my memory.

  • I try to keep at least 4-6 types of cheese on hand at all times.

  • I frequently get the urge to reorganize furniture, which consists of standing absolutely still in the middle of the room for up to an hour visualizing alternate configurations (which may or may not be enacted). In home goods stores, where I have the furniture item but have to build my room around it mentally, it usually gets cut short by concerned staff.  Also happens in the yard for plantings, where it can go on longer.

  • I have grapheme-color synesthesia, which is the most common form of synesthesia (associating colors with letters/numbers).

  • There are 37 permanent houseplants in my house (plus some temporary overwinterers and water plants which are harder to count in the same way).

  • Both thumbs are double jointed.

  • Occasionally I get an allergic reaction to sunlight.

I like to get to know my readers, so feel free to share about yourself in the comments!

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