What feature to add next...?

Greetings! 😁

My main project right now is getting The Third Thing to the point of publication, so some of my upcoming posts will be about that process. Currently, the book is with my line editor, so that's given me some time to work on the website. (Though there are so many other things to do that I might also be procrastinating).

Some additions I hope to add include:

  • Social media connection once I get that up and running.

  • Bonus material for The Third Thing! I'm looking forward to this the most, though it will be most meaningful to fans of the book, so I expect it will be more useful once the book is available to buy. I'm planning to add things like a playlist, fan art, birding profiles, etc.

  • FAQs

  • Sign up for ARC (advanced reader copy for reviews). Subscribe to the blog if you'd like to know as soon as this becomes available, for a chance to get a free copy ahead of publication.

What additional website features would you most like to see?  

Please comment and I'll consider adding that next.

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