The Third Thing is now available beyond Amazon!

So, my novel The Third Thing is off Kindle Unlimited and now loosed upon the world 😊

  • You can now buy the ebook from multiple retailers, including Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, and more. To find it at your favorite store, just go to (Universal book link) and click your preferred source.

  • It's still on Amazon as both Paperback and Ebook. But the kindle version isn't free anymore (while still being affordable, I hope).  Note: You don't actually need a kindle device to read the ebook, they have a free app (I read most ebooks on my phone, but you can also download their reader to a computer).

  • Paperback is also available through Barnes & Noble in addition to Amazon, and possibly a few other retailers through Amazon.

  • You can request the book from your local bookstore through Indiebound!

Image text: A good novel is a key ingredient in any repast. *Note: The Third Thing contains references to dairy and baked goods and was written in a facility with at least one nut.


In other news...

There's not actually much other news, it's been hot out (though not as bad as the earlier heat wave this summer which topped 110F), so I have not been doing a lot outside: just feeding fish in the pond, watering baby trees occasionally. I'm trying to cultivate some future shade. The little trees have managed the heat okay, but it'll be a while before they're spreading their coolness over the yard.

I am definitely looking forward to some cooler fall temperatures, how about you?

In the meantime you can always fast-forward to late fall and winter by reading The Third Thing! 😉

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